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Shanghai Auto trade show LED project

Date:2015-05-02 09:46

One of the main events in the automobile sector is the Shanghai Auto trade show. This year, there is a spectacular booth, with a massive use of PASSION LED displays. The vertical and horizontal design gave a feeling of giant scale, emphasized by animations and textures.


The massive installations featured content programmed to wrap around corners and move from vertical walls to the floor. Lexus installed a video pathway in the floor which led back to an entire room wrapped with displays. Images covered the floor, walls and ceiling, using the P20mm flexible LED display of PASSION LED LIGHTING. It offers a lightweight, virtually transparent display that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use in a wide array of applications. With its 20mm pixel pitch, 3000 Nits output and rugged IP65 rating, the PASSION LEDDER is the perfect solution for all applications with large viewing distances.

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