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Project case of PASSION LED screen

Date:2015-04-25 17:24

Staff annual evening party of Mission Hills Golf club–the biggest golf clube in the world, was held smoothly on Jan, 19th, 2010. The most impressive stage equipment is PASSION’s brand new LED lighting products, which included colorful, flexible LED screen showing unique stage image video effect, and all kind of stage powerful LED light, which can creat more romantic and excellent atmosphere.

On Jan, 2ed, 2010,  entrusted by China Mission Hills Golf club organizing committee, with great honour, PASSION was appointed to be the supplier of the stage lighting products for this grand party. The part is planed to be held at the central tennis court on 19th, Jan. After our engineers’ on-the-spot investigation and discussion with the stage director team of this party, PASSION decided to apply the SMD P5mm LED display screen 15㎡, P37.5mm LED frame video screen 25㎡, and our latest item: flexible/soft LED curtain screen with pixel pitch 20mm 8㎡, and LED PAR light 35 sets, which were all installed and tested without any problem at 17th, Jan.

The real site pictures are as below:

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