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Date:2015-05-09 09:47

Aiming at Energy saving and environmental protection products, with years R&D, PASSION LED win the following Local and international certificates:

PASSION high power LED wall washer win the CE certificate

PASSION LED LIGHTING INTERNATIONAL LIMITED win the  environmental protection certificates

PASSION LED high power light win the RoHS certificate

PASSION LED display CB certificate

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    • Summary:

      led display screen is very hot product in 2016.

    • Summary:

      A pixel (an abbreviation for picture element), is a single point in any image. A pixel is present on every LED solution. It can be...

    • Summary:

      The pixel pitch, sometimes called dot pitch, is the distance between two pixels in a LED display. That distance is very important,...

    • Summary:

      LED (an abbreviation for light-emitting diode) is a semiconductor that emits visible light. That light is caused by the electrons ...