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Global LED Industry Report

Date:2015-05-13 09:47

Benefit from various countries’promotion on LED lighting products and LED applications in large-sized LCD field, LED industry continues to keep rapid growth in 2009, which becomes key areas of demand expansion. Technological process and LED products’ price drop become the important factor of promoting LED industrial development, LED products’ wide applications become the industrial development focus. With continuous improvement of users’ requirements for LED products’ performance, global LED industry is developing to hi-tech direction, major LED vendors actively improving LED products’ technology level and deploy corresponding intellectual property strategy. How to produce low-cost, high-quality and full-color LED Products become various countries’ LED industrial development in the future. Only the countries and enterprises with core technology could stand on and develop in the competition of LED market.

In the face of new situation, changes and requirements brought by energy-saving, green and environmental-protection policies, CCID Consulting releases 2009-2010 Annual Report on the Development of Global LED Industry, which helps the government, vendors, investors and industry insiders grasp more accurately laws governing the industry’s development and comb the development track of application value:

Full and accurate industry research data: On the basis of deep research in the application of LED products, the report depicts changes in the market from the angles of industry structure, product structure, regional competition structure, and clearly identifies development trend.

All-round and in-depth brand competition analysis: It analyzes enterprises from the angles of market segments pattern and competitive strategies, and reviews review the makings of success in the industry.

Scientific and complete forecasts: Through regression modeling and expert verification in major market segments, it conducts correlation analysis with related industry links, to present valuable trend analysis and quantitative forecast result.

Report Framework

Table of Contents

Research Objects

Main Conclusions

Key Findings

A. Overview of the Development of Global LED Industry in 2009

 I.> Industry Size

 II.> Industry Structure 

 III.> Major Characteristics

 IV.> Development Hotspots

B. Overview of the Development of the World’s Major Countries’ & Regions’ LED Industry in 2009

 I.> USA

 II.> Europe

 III.> Japan

 IV.> South Korea

 V.> China Taiwan

 VI.> China Mainland

 VII.> Assessment of Major Countries' International Competitiveness in the LED Industry in 2009

C. Analysis on Competition Situation in World’s LED Market in 2009

  I.> Market Development Situation

  II.> LED for Displays

  III.> LED for Lighting and White LED

  IV.> LED Products in Backlight Field

D. Assessment of Leading Enterprises in the Global LED Industry in 2009

  I.> Nichia       

  II.> ToyodaGosei

  III.> Philips Lumileds

  IV.> Seoul Semiconductor


  VI.> Cree

  VII.> GE

  VIII> Epistar

   IX.> PASSION LED Lighting

E. Analysis on Development Trend of the Global LED Industry, 2010-2012

  I.> Analysis on Development Factors

  II.> Industrial Development Size

  III.> Product Structure

  IV.> Technology Evolution

  V.> Application Prospects

  VI.> Regional Migration

F. Recommendation from CCID Consulting

G.(Report Highlights)Enterprises Involved: Nichia, ToyodaGosei, Lumileds, SSC, OSRAM, Cree, PASSION LED etc.

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