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Taiwan LED companies to settle in Xiamen

Date:2015-05-20 09:48

April 8, both sides of the strait LED industry will be 50 projects in Xiamen, "love." Taiwan Trade Fair, as the current one of the three major Matchmaking Symposium, "cross-strait industrial projects LED Matchmaking Symposium" will be in Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center on the fourth floor Guanhai Hall. Organizers said the Matchmaking Symposium will launch 50 docking projects, Fujian and Xiamen will introduce 31 docking project, Taiwan will launch 15 projects docking, Fuzhou Mawei Science and Technology Park, Quanzhou (Nam) Optoelectronic Information Industry Base, Zhangzhou Changtai Economic Development Zone, Putian City High-tech Industrial Development Zone will also launch a number of projects, projects involving LED upstream, midstream and downstream industry chain and applications.Invited some of Hong Kong and Mainland enterprises well-known LED LED companies invited were registered in the Mainland and Hong Kong LED business, including PASSION LED and Venus Radio.

Project Matchmaking Symposium based on the promotion of cross-strait LED upper, middle and lower reaches of the cooperation, give play to Taiwan's technical superiority, product advantages, as well as the mainland market advantage, manufacturing advantages, complementarity and mutual benefit. The two sides of industry docking, project co-operation for the content of non-governmental organizations through exchanges and cooperation, and discuss effective cooperation, exchanges and cooperation in the establishment of rules and systems, to expand the domestic market. By then, experts from both sides of the strait LED, entrepreneurs, Fujian Province, in charge of the industrial park and the central, provincial and municipal officials about 200 people will attend the event. Among them, Taiwan's optoelectronics industry celebrities, including Taiwan, Tsinghua University, director of optoelectronics research and development centers Liu-sheng, Taiwan Regional Association photoelectric Denden the convenor of the Committee Zhumu Road, Taiwan's new micro-Lei, general manager of Stone Manufacturing Company Limited repair, Taiwan shares Huaxing Electronics Industry Co., Ltd., etc.Liu ShouXiong. Participants also Xiamen Saman, Hualian Electronics, TOPSTAR lighting, light Po Electronics, Taiwan Huaxing Electronics, LI Zhou science and technology, such as cross-strait Epistar LED industry well-known enterprises. Matchmaking Symposium by the Xiamen Municipal People's Government, Fujian-Taiwan Economic Cooperation Promotion Office, Fujian Information Industry Department, organized the city of LED Promotion Center, Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Association, Foundation Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association (PIDA), the city of photonics industry Association and the City CCCME organizations contractors. It will be the city Economic Development Bureau, the city of Science and Technology Bureau, the Municipal Information Industry Bureau and the Municipal Association of the strong support of students. It is learned that the current Taiwan Trade Fair launched a total of three Matchmaking Symposium. Other two include the following: by the Taiwan Trade Fair Organizing Committee, the Taipei City Import and Export Association and the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Association's "Matchmaking Symposium for Investment and Trade Across the Taiwan Strait"; by the Organizing Committee and the EU-China Chamber of Commerce, the Bode property jointly sponsored "China and Germany (Europe), the investment and financing cooperation Matchmaking Symposium."

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